ATP and Mitochondria: Explained

ATP and mitochondria: An interesting topic that’ll open your sixth sense of knowledge. Let’s explore it.

ATP: the energy currency

atp and mitochondria

Our Daily activities need energy inputy to our system. where from the energy comes. All of you know that. our energy source is nothing but the metabolism carried out in different vital cell organelles.

Mitochondria is one of the vital cell organelles which produces a huge amount of metabolic energy in the form of ATP. Do you know what is energy currency? Yes, you are thinking the same.

Energy currency is that which can be earned, which can be expanded and which can be banked. In our cell, the same is the atp.

Hence ATP is the energy currency. whenever our bodies need them they perform their work as direct energy sourcess or in some other signaling procedures.

Bond energy in ATP:

The ATP molecule is an energy-rich nucleotide tri-phosphate. ATP is called as adenosine tri-phosphate. ATP has 3 phosphate bonds. The first phosphate of the nucleotide is the phospho-ester bond. The second and third phosphate are joined by two energy rich anhydride bonds

Mitochondria: the Factory of ATP

More accurately, we call mitochondria the powerhouse of cell. As you know that aerobic respiration occurs in mitochondria.

Could you take a look at the respiration of Glucose? Pyruvic acid, the end product of glycolysis enters mitochondrial matrix for aerobic oxidation. Inside matrix oxidation of glucose occurs by Link reaction and then by Kreb’s cycle.

Finally, the most important process called terminal oxidation occurs. This step releases huge amount of energy in the form of ATP.


Remember that the number of mitochondria per cell varies. More active cells have more number of Mitochondria.

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