Blue light blocking glasses uk

Blue light blocking glasses uk: These types of glasses are often used to avoid blue light emitted from digital screens, these glasses protect the eyes from blue light.

People now use these glasses while using devices like digital instruments, although there is no scientific evidence whether using these blue light glasses is beneficial or not.

Blue light blocking glasses uk

Digital eye strain and weariness can be prevented by wearing Cyxus blue light filter glasses, which efficiently block UV rays and damaging blue light. Excellent for reducing eye strain and pain brought on by extended phone use, internet browsing, gaming, and fluorescent light work.
With Cyxus glasses, you may enjoy your gadget from the comfort of your bed and obtain a deeper, more restful sleep by obstructing the blue light rays that come from your electronics.
Our goods have all received official certification from recognised organisations. To safeguard your eyes, eye specialists advise wearing these blue light-blocking spectacles.

Blue light blocking glasses uk

Your eyes are shielded from computer radiation and dangerous blue light by these anti-radiation glasses.
features a stunning, stylish design that is appropriate for both genders.
Arm length: 140 mm; Lens length: 60 mm; Frame Material: Plastic; Rear length: 142 mm; Width: 46 mm
Package Contents: 1 × Computer Protection Anti-Radiation Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses uk

How does blue light affect our eyes?

Blue light is one of the seven colors of light, and is emitted by modern devices such as sunlight, laptops, smart phones, and LED lights. Blue light is also beneficial for our health. It has many positive effects, such as reducing smoke, increasing activity time and improving mental health, but this is only due to the blue light emanating from the sun. . While we may have heard many times that the blue light emitted from electronic digital instruments is harmful for our health, no concrete evidence has been presented by any scientist to prove this.

Benefits of wearing blue light blocking glasses

In this digital age, these glasses are increasingly being preferred.

Wearing these glasses will protect your eyes from blue light.

Wearing these glasses will improve your sleep.

These glasses will prove to be very beneficial for the health of your eyes.

These glasses can also decrease your activity.

Is blue light really bad for us?

Although blue light filtering glasses do not have any harmful effect, we always consider blue light to be the cause of physical stress, but it is not so, rather it is computer vision syndrome, which is related to sitting in front of the computer screen for too long.

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How to protect your eyes from blue light?

If you also have 10 to 12 hours of screen time daily, then you should also adopt the 20 20 20 rule which is like this. After 20 minutes of every hour, you have to look at objects far away from you for 20 seconds and do this thrice in an hour, doing this reduces the strain on the eyes. In this way you will reduce the use of blue light filtering (blocking) glasses.

Harmful effects of blue light

Problem of insomnia – This problem will be seen in the first week of exposure to blue light. Because blue light works to activate your CNS.

Eye Syndrome – This problem is seen in those people who screen for 10 hours or more during laptop or office work.

Dry eyes – Avoiding glasses or blue light exposure for a long time can lead to problems like dry eyes, dark circles, and redness of eyes.

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