Chief Speaker in A Debate: Take a Look

Chief Speaker in A Debate: Let’s have a look.

The day, I got a call in the morning, I was surprised a lot. It was my first invitation for a grand meet.

2 days before:

chief speaker in a debate

As usual I returned from office in the late evening,One man with a black blazer was sitting with my parents. I thought him any of my relatives.

But, the stranger bowed his head before me and politely requested me to receive an envelope. I got surprised to see the address on envelope.

After Stranger left:

“You’re invited as our Chief Speaker”: was written over that. My parents asked me about the occasion. I was speechless.

1 Day before:

Anyway, I came to know that, Iam going to attend one Annual Day ceremony of a School. I was happy because I’m going to be honoured on stage along with few best dignitaries of the city.

Event Day:

I was prepared . I had my pre-planned memorised debate.

They offered me a good reception. Finally I sat on stage with other invited Chair-persons. It was memorable for me and also a very good confidence in me.

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