Family finds owl in christmas tree: Unwrapping Surprise

Discover a festive surprise as a family finds owl in christmas tree. Read about the unexpected holiday adventure.

Home for the holidays takes an unexpected twist for a Lexington family as their Christmas tree becomes an owl’s cozy nook.

Every year, the Whites make merry memories by selecting their perfect Christmas tree, but this time, Santa delivered an unanticipated feathery friend.

A Hoot of a Discovery

family finds owl in christmas tree

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree took an amusing turn when the family realized they weren’t alone. An owl had made itself at home, camouflaged among the branches, unnoticed for a festive four days.

“I was so stunned,” Michele White chuckled, recalling the unexpected holiday surprise. Even with three dogs in the house, the elusive owl managed to stay incognito.

Carpet Cleaner’s Surprise: family finds owl in christmas tree

family finds owl in christmas tree

The first to stumble upon this feathery house guest was Bobby Hayes, the owner of Magic Carpet Cleaning, attending to his job. As he worked on the carpets, the tree’s unexpected sway caught his attention.

“The owl was literally sitting on a lower limb here,” Hayes exclaimed, describing the whimsical encounter. The tree had turned into an unintentional owl sanctuary during the carpet cleaning session.

A Feathered Friend in the Limelight

family finds owl in christmas tree

Bobby Hayes, after spotting the owl, embarked on a mini owl-rescue mission, ensuring the bird’s safe release. The tree’s limbs had unwittingly hosted this avian visitor, adding a unique chapter to the family’s holiday tradition.

“You’re kidding me, right?” Michele White exclaimed when Hayes sent her a photo of the surprise lodger. Imagining the owl as a prank or decoration, the reality of a live owl nestled in the tree left her astounded.

Avoiding a Hoot-tastrophe

Expressing gratitude to Bobby Hayes for averting a potential “hoot-tastrophe,” Michele now considers him an honorary member of Santa’s nice list. The alternative scenario—her finding the owl—might have led to extended hooting and a departure from home.

“The owl could’ve stayed without me. I wasn’t coming home,” Michele joked, highlighting the unexpected adventure that turned their Christmas tree into a festive refuge for an owl on the prowl.

In the whimsical world of holiday surprises, the Whites can now share a tale that goes beyond the typical ornaments and tinsel, proving that sometimes, the best gifts are feathered and unexpected.

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