gaming laptop vs console Debate!

The debate of Gaming Laptop vs console is never ending. We can help you making the best decision. You are at the right place to upgrade your gaming style. Use our guide as the right tool to decide whether a Laptop or Conssole is the right choice for you.

Portability: (gaming laptop vs console)

This is the number one factor to console, whether you’re an at-home base builder or avid outdoor adventurer.


Buying a console means getting a bundle: Purchasing a console gives you a controller, gaming system and power brick in most cases. TV is most likely available. Hence, there is no need to get a mouse or keyboard, once your console is set up.

Gaming laptop:

gaming laptop vs console

Buying a Gaming Laptop is a full package: Buying a Gaming Laptop helps you to game wherever you like.

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Gaming Library: (gaming laptop vs console)

You need to buy games before buying Gaming Laptop or Console.


Some absolute gems of games are straight up locked to the console.

Gaming Laptop:

Just as physical disks are almost exclusive to console, a majority of Indie games access are available on Gaming Laptop.You can login weekly to see what the next big free release is.

Hardware: (gaming laptop vs console)


Consistent support, but options available: If you want to enjoy games with higher graphical qualit, there is option to upgrade.

gaming laptop:

gaming laptop vs console

There may be struggle on console for Consistent support and options, but these are perfectly fine on the PC. You can avail Cloud gaming, streaming and VR support with Gaming Laptop. No matter what way you play, you will find it all here.

Now that you are better understood whether you will choose Gaming Laptop or console. As per personal need, you should decide which option will work best for you. You should decide which option will work best for you. Ultimately, you can enjoy your hobby, whatever your budget is .There is no right or wrong way to enjoy the hobby. Laptop or console (or both) just remember that the blue light blocking glasses are multi-platform and compatible either way.

Thanks for being with us and also keep up with us to learn more from our Blogs. Enjoy Gaming!

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