kimmu’s kitchen organic pure & handmade desi ghee

Explore the inspiring journey of “kimmu’s kitchen organic pure & handmade desi ghee”! From Punjab to Mumbai, Kamaljeet Kaur’s success story unfolds. Discover more!

About 30–35% of visionary leaders in the dynamic startup landscape are women, and they play a critical role in igniting economic growth through innovation. Kamaljeet Kaur’s creation, Kimmu’s Kitchen, is a stunning example of this trend and has greatly boosted India’s economy.

The secrete of “kimmu’s kitchen organic pure & handmade desi ghee”

kimmu's kitchen organic pure & handmade desi ghee

In the midst of the epidemic in 2020, Mumbai-based Punjabi native Kamaljeet came up with the idea for Kimmu’s Kitchen. She was inspired when she noticed that, in contrast to her experiences in Punjab, there was a void in Mumbai’s supply of high-quality ghee and milk products.

Travelling for Quality Milk from Punjab to Mumbai

Kimmu’s Kitchen Story

At first, Kamaljeet made ghee using milk that she bought locally in Mumbai. But it didn’t taste as good as the real Punjabi food she was looking for. In response, she took the calculated choice to import fresh milk from Ludhiana, Punjab, so that the ghee would maintain the unique flavour she was going for.

Making Different Types of Bilona Ghee

Entering the world of ghee-making, Kamaljeet used the age-old Bilona method, which involves churning curd for a smooth, high-quality ghee. The primary production facility is located in Ludhiana, guaranteeing the product’s authenticity. Starting at ₹399, Kimmu’s Kitchen provides three retail variants: 220 ml, 500 ml, and 1 litre.

Maintaining Success: The Monthly Income of Kimmu’s Kitchen

Kimmu’s Kitchen has reached incredible heights thanks to Kamaljeet’s commitment; each month, some 45,000 bottles are sold across the nation. The business generates an astonishing ₹20 lakhs in revenue each month. Kamaljeet broke sales records and surpassed the coveted crore-mark in revenue in less than a year.

Kimmu’s Kitchen: An Overview of the Origins

The entrepreneurial path of Kamaljeet Kaur is an example of perseverance and faith. What was once a reaction to the difficulties brought forth by the pandemic has developed into a prosperous company that makes crores of dollars a year. Through Kimmu’s Kitchen, Kamaljeet demonstrated the possibility of success even in the face of hardship in addition to addressing a market need.


Under the guidance of Kamaljeet Kaur, Kimmu’s Kitchen is a prime example of the entrepreneurial spirit, overcoming obstacles to become a crorepati enterprise. This success story acts as motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as demonstrating the entrepreneurial prowess of women in the startup ecosystem.

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