krishi vaniki yojana Haryana: Unlocking Opportunities

Unlock the benefits of Haryana’s krishi vaniki yojana for wheat farmers. Learn how to apply and maximize incentives.

Greetings, fellow farmers! Have you ever wished for greater success in your wheat fields? The Krishi Vaniki Yojana, the Haryana government’s most recent project, appears to have read your mind. Let’s get started and examine the details of this plan and how you, the wheat farmer, may profit from it.

Planting the Krishi Vaniki Yojana Seeds

krishi vaniki yojana

The Krishi Vaniki Yojana was created in 2023 and was the idea of Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar. The plan, which is only available to wheat cultivators in Haryana, intends to encourage wheat production by giving farmers a direct financial incentive per acre. There’s a catch, though: it’s not suitable for everyone.

Reaping the Benefits: What Is the Maximum Amount?

What’s in it for you, then? The amount of money that the government will give you will depend on how many acres you farm. Imagine earning ₹2,000 for each acre of wheat that is farmed. You will be receiving a cool ₹20,000 if you are in charge of 10 acres. If you increase the size to 20 acres, the cost will be ₹40,000. You get more rewards the more you sow. It’s similar to a government-sponsored harvest bonus.

The Initiative’s Core Goals: Disclosure

The Krishi Vaniki Yojana’s principal objective is to encourage Haryanan farmers to plant wheat. The government hopes to create conditions similar to Punjab’s extensive wheat farming.

Benefits and Features of the Krishi Vaniki Yojana’s Statewide Rollout: The Khattar administration has launched the programme in each of Haryana’s districts.

Application Deadline: If you want to take advantage of this chance, don’t hesitate to sign up for the programme by December 15, 2023.

Direct Benefit Transfer: The government intends to deposit the whole incentive straight into wheat producers’ bank accounts. Just straight advantages for you, with no middlemen.

₹2000 per Acre: Farmers that plant wheat are eligible for an incentive of ₹2000 per acre, which is a profitable offer for those who manage larger fields.

How to Explore the Waters of the Krishi Vaniki Yojana

How therefore can you, the conscientious wheat farmer, benefit from this scheme? The procedure is simple.

Go to the Official Website: Visit the Fasal Haryana official website.

Register: After completing the one-time verification process, create an account by entering your email address and password.

Apply for Krishi Vaniki Yojana: After logging in, look for and select Krishi Vaniki Yojana. When you click the apply button, an application will open.

Enter Information and Upload Documents: Fill out the form completely and attach any required files, such as an Aadhar card, a passport-sized photo, an income certificate, and a crop certificate.

Submit: Click the submit button after all papers have been uploaded.

And that’s it! You have finished your application for the Krishi Vaniki Yojana. All that remains now is to bide your time till the government deposits those richly earned monies straight into your bank account.

Want Assistance? This is the Helpline.

Do you have any inquiries or problems with the application process? Don’t worry! For assistance, call the dedicated helpline at 1800-180-2117.

The government is committed to making sure that every Haryana wheat farmer who qualifies can benefit fully from the Krishi Vaniki Yojana.


The Krishi Vaniki Yojana is creating new opportunities for wealth, thus it’s time for Haryana’s wheat farmers to celebrate. Enrol before to the deadline, and allow the government to work with you to ensure that each acre of your wheat crops is successful! Happy agribusiness!

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