Pinki’s real life story in english

Dive into a captivating real life story in english as a 21-year-old navigates the complexities of marriage, family, and dreams.

You’ll be surprised to find a young girl of age 21 got married to a man of age 30.

She belongs to a well established family with so many Govt Employees.

Her parents decide to get her married to a Pvt low-salaried Teacher.

Pinki’s new Family:

real life story in english

As you know a new bride doesn’t know anything when she comes to the Law family.

Things happened to her in the first 3 months after her marriage.

A new turn in Pinki’s life:

Her Husband decided to live in Town. She was happy and finally came to Town. She started urban life in a rented house.

Pinki as Home maker:

real life story in english

She proved herself to be a good Homemaker. She almost satisfied all members of the Law family. After one year she was blessed with a boy child.

Pinki’s mistakes(real life story in english)

You must remember that married life is successful with good financial stability.

But, Pinki failed to plan properly and couldn’t make proper financial planning for the future.

Her main problem was mismatch in understanding with her husband. For this only she couldn’t take any decision.

Pinki’s life in 2023(real life story in english)

17 years have already passed. She’s still dreaming. Most of the time you’ll find her worried about the future.

Still, her dream continues!

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real life story in english