Runnings bucket sale: Gear Up with Style!

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Are you prepared for a spectacle of eyewear? Hold onto your hats, because Running just announced an incredible deal that you won’t want to miss! There is something for everyone, from classics to gaming editions. Let’s explore the amazing bargains that are in store for you.

Intercept Series: Find Your Personal Style of Interception

runnings bucket sale

The show is being stolen by the Intercept series, which includes INT-00101, INT-00113, and INT-00110. These stylish spectacles, which were once listed for $74.99, are now only $20.00. You did really read correctly! Boost your eyewear game without going over budget.

Tactical Edition: Duty Fans, Unite!

This one’s for you, gamers! Previously priced at $59.00, the TAC-MW201 Call of Duty Tactical Edition is now available for just $30.00. Prepare for your gaming sessions with these unique frames, available at an enticing price.

Reading Happiness: Haus and Intercept Reading Glasses

Who says you can’t have style with reading glasses? Prices for the Haus Reading Glasses (HAU-00101-1.0 to HAU-00101-3.0) and Intercept Reading Glasses (INT-00101-1.0 to INT-00101-3.0) ranged from $104.99 to $74.99. They are now available for just $20.00, with prices beginning at $30.00. Enhance your reading pleasure with style!

Covert, RPG, and Apex Editions: Styles Packed with Power

Await your amazement when you discover the Apex, Call of Duty Covert Edition, and RPG Razer Edition. These dynamic frames were once going for $99.99 to $84.99, but they’re currently only $40.00. Take your look to the next level with these powerful designs.

Cruz Collection: Glam Up Your Look

Cruz products are becoming popular, such as the CRU-08401 and CRU-11913 Spider-Man Miles Morales Edition. These frames were once available for $44.99 and $54.99, however they are currently only $20.00 and $30.00. Wear these stylish and modern spectacles to swing into style.

Attaché Series: Harmony of Style and Utility

The ATT-00101 and ATT-02301 Attaché series are ideal for people who enjoy a sleek and practical combination. These used to retail for $84.99, but they are currently only $20.00. Get yours right away to give your appearance a refined touch.

Lightning Bolt 360 and Vertex: Fashion for a Purpose

Running also debuts Lightning Bolt 360 (LI3-00101) and the Vertex Collection for St. Jude (VER-05833). They were originally $49.99 and $129.99, but they are now available for $20.00, with the beginning price being $40.00. Never has affordable style for a cause been so accessible!

Infinite Series and Rush: Bring Out Your Dynamic Side

Not to mention, the formerly $44.99 and $74.99 Rush (RUS-00101) and Infinite (IFT-00101) series are now available for as low as $20.00. Discover your inner dancer with these adaptable and cosy frames.

Seize Your Top Picks Right Away!

You have the opportunity to update your eyeglasses collection without breaking the bank during this brief Running’s Bucket Sale. From those who enjoy gaming to those who are fashion conscious, there is something for everyone. Get your favourites at Running’s right away to avoid missing out!

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