The Human Genome Project: Review

Discover the groundbreaking impact of the Human Genome Project. Explore its significance and future implications in genetics and medicine.

What is HGP

the human genome project

HGP is the mega-project in molecular biology. It was a 13yrs mega project headed by USA. The goal of the project was to sequensize entire human genome.


The entire human genome was sequensized by Sanger method. The entire genome was sequensized by sequence annotation. Only functional genes are sequensized by Expressed Sequence Tags (EST).


The gene number and their sequence are helpful in analysis og Pedigree as well as in research. The most recent development is the Bio-informatics which is the research on HGP with information technology.

Use in Gene Therapy

The fatal genetic disorders are corrected by identifying defective human genes and their sequence. During pro embryonic stage, the defective genes are identified and they are corrected by proper gene correction.

Hence, the genetic deciders can be avoided. In modern research the human genome analysis exposes the metagenomic evolution and different evolutionary approaches.

Although the human genome project was quite expensive it opened a new door to research. It helped in modern approach of research different applications and to know different possibilities of human development.

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